“Your sales career will be on the fast track to extraordinary income success. Not within months or years, but in a few weeks. Without cold calling!”

"Imagine, going from $175,000 in debt to earn over $388,000 in the first year and over $1 million in the second year. We did it and we will help you create the income and dream life you’ve always wanted”
You’re probably here because you’ve heard about the phenomenal money being made by so many with NAA. Maybe you’ve even heard of us, since we are often featured in NAA success stories.

We want you to know that if you have the commitment, together with our total training package, and the support our team provides, you should quickly earn a great deal of money – probably more money than you ever thought possible.

The best part is that you’ll be earning all this money by helping people protect their families’ financial assets and their homes. This makes us feel really great about what we do. So does our entire team. And so will you.

The ideal Work-From-Home Business
NOT MLM. You Don’t Buy Anything From Us.

Success is Often Determined
By Which Team You Get On

How often have you noticed that so many peoples’ success is based on getting on a winning team? Being at the right place, at the right time and getting onboard. After all, when you have a choice, don’t you want to be on the winning team?

We want to tell you about our team -- the fastest growing team in NAA history -- who we are, and what we do for our teammates that makes our team members so successful. 

Most important, this is what we want to do for you: We want to offer you the opportunity to make as much money as the other members of our team (and even more) and enjoy the lifestyle they now have.

Even a Wisconsin Farm Boy Without a College Degree Made over One Million Dollars his first full year!

Wisconsin farm boy

You might think that my husband Bill and I have always been successful and life has been especially good to us. Actually, life has often dealt us some severe blows. In fact, we were down and out prior to entering this business.

Because of a downturn in the business we used to be in, we found ourselves with $175,000 in credit card debt and at risk of losing everything.

Bill, said, that although he didn’t know exactly what he was going to do, he was going to go out and find a way to make money. He promised that we would never, ever again, find ourselves in this kind of horrible financial situation.

Perhaps by luck, or maybe fate, Bill met someone who said he became rich because he works with a company that protects families’ financial assets and their homes.

Most important, he said that Bill could quickly get some training and immediately make money. Immediate to us meant that week!

By the very next weekend, Bill had written $11,000 in business and made over $5,000. And the following week he did even better.

As soon as I saw Bill’s success, I decided to join Bill. We use our combined skills to train others and put a very strong learning and selling system in place.

The result? We made close to $400,000 in our first year in this business! And we loved every minute we did it. We especially loved paying off our credit cards, taking trips, indulging our kids and parents, and building our retirement fund.

In August of that year we had been in this business for seven months. That’s when we decided to set a personal goal to make $100,000+ a month by March, and at least as much every month after.

We have to tell you that we fell a little short. We only made $92,000 in March. But the very next month we broke the $100,000 mark. Every month it gets better and better.

In fact, we have made over $1 million in just one year! As Bill says, "not bad for a farm boy from Wisconsin with no college education!"

Bill and Diane Lampe (center) receiving the Leadership Award at the 2007 NAA National Convention.
Love What You Do
and Love Doing it

To be really successful, you have to love what you do, and love doing it. Do we ever!

We love to help protect families’ assets. We enjoy working with our team. We sustain and assist one another. We constantly build programs and acquire resources so that our team grows and prospers.

In fact, a great many team members have brought their friends and families onboard. After all would you keep something so good from your friends and family?

What makes our team special, is that we support each member of by providing the best training, support and hot leads. We do this from the day you join us, and throughout your career with us.

The ideal Work-From-Home Business

FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS Got Our Friends and Relatives Earning Six Figure Incomes

At first we just shared our phenomenal success with our close personal friends and family. We brought 30 of them into the business by our second month. Many made and make well over $100,000 a year, and some $250,000 or more.

To quickly get them up to speed, we established the first NAA Boot Camp: our exclusive "Fast Track to Success." This is our breakthrough program that enables you to get up to earning speed in just three days, not to mention our two-day regional boot camps

You will find these three days to be the most economically important days of your life, Bill, together with other proven income producers will guide you through our complete step-by-step program to learn to earn money right away.

You’ll learn their proven skills and they’ll reveal their most productive tips and tactics that have made them six earners, and even seven figure, annual incomes.

I transitioned from Part Time to Full Time in 6 months!

"I remember the first time I talked to the Lampes and told them I just wanted to get some part time income to supplement my full time job as a corporate food sales rep. Then, as my corporate job kept having those pay cuts, and I was going out part time and making between $3,000-$5,000 per month, the wheels starting turning. I worked to transition into helping families full time! My first full time month I made over $12,000 and have never looked back! I am now growing a team of agents to do what I do, and have earned two great incentive trips...one on the largest cruise ship in the world and the other a trip to Greece...and I am just getting started!"

Matt G.

Who Says You Have to Have a Ton of Experience

"I’ve gotta tell you, we were doing well until Michigan’s economy went into a downturn...we had to do something and do something right away! We wanted to find a home where people cared and be part of a family of like minded people not caught up in what they can’t do. We wanted to be associated and learn from winners, and then is when we decided to join Bill and Diane! With all the systems in place, we just follow the lead and make money doing good things for others each and every day! We are helping others do the same now as well! "

Bridget & Ryan P

Has A Full Time Job With A Fortune 500 Company And Makes Over $100,000 A Year Part Time

"I have a full time job with a Fortune 500 company. I’m keeping my name confidential so that my boss doesn’t find out how much money I am making and want to join in. But let me tell you how easy it is to make $100,000 a year. I enjoy the fact that I can make this kind of money as a part timer."

Mr. X

We’re With You Every Step Of The Way

You’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will be mentored every step of the way. We’ll show you the way we and our team have made extraordinary amounts of money. We’ll teach you our proven techniques. We’ll show you how to start, what to do next, how to overcome objections, new ideas, and . . .

You Will Have Your Own Personal Mentor

You’ll get on the fast track with our three-day boot camp. You’ll receive regular and continuing satellite web seminars, national teleconferences, regular and continuing articles and programs. And you’ll have your own personal mentor.

We’re Growing All Across the USA

Do you want to grow with us? We’re rapidly expanding. We’re actively looking for team members all across the USA. From small towns to big cities. Anywhere families own homes and have assets they want to protect.

Does helping to protect families’ homes and their financial assets appeal to you? Do you want to set your own business hours? Work from your home? Have tremendous income opportunities based on our training and your motivation and ability? Be able to attain your dreams?

How Much is A Program To Make
$100,000 A Year, or More, Worth To You?

Would you pay $10,000 to become part of a program that may enable you to earn over $100,000 a year. How about $5,000? Does that seem fair? What about $1,000?

Programs like this typically sell for thousands of dollars. And that does not include being part of and mentored by a money-making team.

If You Apply for Our Team While We Have Places Available, There is NO COST if Accepted.

That’s right, we don’t charge for our training and mentoring if you are accepted into the program. You don’t need a college degree to join us. After all, Bill doesn’t have one. You don’t need special experience. But places are limited. So don’t hesitate and miss your chance.

We ONLY Make Money When You Make Money

Most all income opportunities you see on TV infomercials or online. say they will teach you how to make money if you BUY their programs. The secret they hide from you is that typically the only people who actually make money are the people selling you the programs!

That is NOT what we do or we are about. We only make money when you make money. If you don’t succeed, we fail. That’s why we developed all the programs and techniques to help you prosper and grow rich

We don’t want to waste our time and money. And we don’t want you to waste yours. So, we do everything we can to get you earning money within weeks, rather than months or years.

Just Some Of The Many Benefits For You

  • The ideal home business

  • Earn a great deal of money part time or full time

  • Even if you do it part time, you have the chance to earn a full time income.

  • Set your own schedule and work at your own pace

  • Unlimited potential to become an agency manager and build your own team

  • It’s easy, free and confidential for you to apply

  • NO CHARGE for Fast Track to Success Boot Camp: our intense 3-day program to get you quickly started to make money

  • NO CHARGE for Continuing education and training

  • NO CHARGE for your own mentor to help you every step of the way

  • You’re a valued member of the fastest growing nationwide team

  • You have the opportunity to rapidly become an agency manager and build your own team

  • It’s NOT MLM

Are You Ready To Start Your Dream Life?

Just like you, we have our dreams. One that means so much to us was to take our entire family to Hawaii. 

As soon as we started making a great deal of money by helping others fulfill their dreams, we decided the time had come for a first class family trip to Maui.

We took both our moms, who are in their eighties, our three children and son-in-law -- eight in all including us.

Memories that will last a lifetime included: a week’s stay at a luxury five-star hotel, lavish gourmet dinners, golf (of course), the Spa, Luaus, dinner cruises, submarine and helicopter tours, snorkeling, surfing lessons and more than enough spending money for everything everyone wanted.

Isn’t it time to fulfill your dreams? Can you see yourself enjoying the vacations you always wanted to take in the places you want to go. Lavishing time and money on your family and your friends. Owning and driving the cars you want. Living in a gorgeous home, and even having a vacation home.

Whatever your dreams, we can help you attain it.

NOT MLM. You Don’t Buy Anything From Us.
The Ideal Work-From-Home Business

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t wind up saying "I should have done it."

Now is the time to take the next step to create the income and dream life you’ve always wanted.

We are so looking forward to working with you,

Bill and Diane Lampe

P.S. Take action today and within three months from now you will look back at this as the best business decision you have ever made.

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